Company News: ISA Pharmaceuticals Advances Personalized Cancer Treatment

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Next-generation immunotherapy called MyISA® for individual cancer patients

ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V., a clinical-stage immunotherapy company, has joined the recently established Tumor neoantigEn SeLection Alliance (TESLA), a global cancer neoantigen alliance forged by the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and the Cancer Research Institute, which was announced on December 1st, 2016. Consisting of 30 of the world’s leading research organizations and corporations, the group’s focus will be on developing better predictive models for identifying neoantigens. The initiative will support tests carried out by its members and the consistent improvement of algorithms to analyze tumor DNA and RNA sequences in order to predict the immunogenic capacity of neoantigens.

This initiative will support ISA’s strategy to expand its innovative portfolio of cancer immunotherapies by developing personalized therapeutic SLP® vaccines directed against neoantigens under the MyISA® program.

Company News: Curetis Publishes Business and Financial Update for the First Nine Months 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016

- U.S. FDA trial completed with excellent top-line data

- Leading position in genetic antimicrobial resistance biomarker testing strengthened by GEAR acquisition

Curetis N.V. (the “Company” and, together with Curetis GmbH, “Curetis“), a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today published a business and financial update for the first nine months ended September 30, 2016 and provided an outlook to coming months.

Recent Operational and Business Highlights

Unyvero US FDA Trial

Company News: World Antibiotics Day: Reduction of infection risk in femoral head fractures by 66% with antibiotic-loaded bone cement from Heraeus

Thursday, November 17, 2016

- New study from Great Britain verifies the advantages of antibiotic-loaded bone cement from Heraeus with femoral head fractures

- Older patients with concomitant diseases profit from locally applied antibiotics

Good news for World Antibiotics Day on November 18th. As local substances carriers, antibiotic-loaded bone cements from Heraeus help in the battle against implant-associated infections in orthopaedics and trauma surgery to prevent infection. This is demonstrated by a new randomised study* from Great Britain in which the use of double-loaded antibiotic bone cement following femoral head fracture led to a significant 66% reduction in infection risk with primary hip arthroplasties, as compared with bone cement with only one antibiotic. The COPAL® G+C antibiotic-loaded bone cement developed by Heraeus Medical contains antibiotics whose spectrum of activity combats the germs typically responsible for infections in the implant.

Company News: Curetis Announces Positive Top Line Data from U.S. FDA Trial

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

- Primary endpoint for Unyvero LRT product for lower respiratory tract infections shows overall weighted average sensitivity of 90.2% and overall weighted average specificity of 99.3%

- U.S. FDA submission being prepared

Curetis N.V. (the “Company” and, together with Curetis GmbH, “Curetis“), a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announced top line data from its successfully completed Unyvero U.S. FDA trial. The trial was designed to compare the performance of the Unyvero Instrument Platform and the Unyvero LRT Lower Respiratory Tract Cartridge in detecting lower respiratory tract infections to microbiology culture, the current diagnostic standard of care. Additionally, the trial compared Unyvero results to a composite of microbiology and independent PCR tests plus sequencing. The prospective and retrospective study met its primary endpoint by demonstrating an overall weighted average sensitivity of 90.2% and an overall average weighted specificity of 99.3%.

Company News: Curetis to Present at Several Investor and Scientific Conferences in the Fourth Quarter 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Curetis N.V. (the “Company” and, together with Curetis GmbH, “Curetis“), a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announced its participation in several major industry conferences in the fourth quarter of 2016. The respective presentations will be made available on the company’s website.


Large & MidCap Event, October 5-6, 2016 – Paris, France: one-on-one meetings.

BIO Investor Forum, October 18-19, 2016 – San Francisco, CA, USA: company presentation and one-on-one meetings.

DKOU 2016 (German Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology), October 25-28, 2016 – Berlin, Germany: scientific meeting. Exhibition booth Hall 2.2-71. Joint symposium with Heraeus Medical, October 27, 2016, at 1:00 pm, room Berlin 2.